Monday, August 2, 2010

Two weeks...

from today is the first day of school. Time is flying so!! It seems like just yesterday I had 11 pound baby boy who is now going to be starting kindergarten!!! Still big for his age. He is just over 48 inches tall, big enough to ride the Vortex at Kings Island...and love it. And just in case you haven't seen the vortex, here is a picture of the ride.

Yes I let my 5 year old go on the ride, and I was sitting next to him, and yes going up the hill I did double check our safety harnesses to make sure everything was secure, about 3 different times ha! I was in my early teens when I first rode the Vortex, my husband was 17! Jon mentioned multiple times how Ryan was 12 years younger than he was when he first rode it! The first time I rode it I was with my cousin Autumn, and we had just eaten lunch before hand, that was back in the day when eating before riding some rides didn't matter. I am however getting older ha!

Anyway, back to school starting. I am not so patiently waiting on the supply list for my kiddos. I called Walmart this morning and they had 4 school supply lists, but not for our elementary yet...sigh. Someone I work with said their kids came home with a supply list at the end of the school year. Now I think that is brilliant. I like to be prepared, and since I don't want to buy stuff we don't need I haven't bought anything. Well, I have about 10 boxes of crayons I got on clearance last year, but I know those are a given. ha! But if the Rebecca needs specific color of folders, etc, there is no reason to buy a bunch of what we don't need. Ryan I know will be bulk stuff, kleenex, clorox wipes, etc.

I do have our school clothes shopping done for the most part. Both kids got new tennis shoes from Mamaw, and backpacks too. Ryan will probably need some jeans, but I won't be worrying about that until the temperature is out of the 90s!

Our summer was action packed HA! Vacation was in Tennessee, and we in our usual fashion, we had no real set plans, we had talked of going onto North Carolina to the beach, but we were having so much fun, we stayed in TN.

We went up the mountain to Clingmans dome, the highest point in the Appalachian Mountains.

This is Ryan stating he can't go any farther!! We were only about half way up the trail!! ha! There was a couple who were hiking it as well, who though that was hysterical, and said they could totally sympathize! Honestly, my heart was beating like a wild drum, and I was short of breath, and had a few moments where I was sure I was going to die right there, but I didn't, and I certainly didn't vocalize that at all.

Almost to the top!!!

This is the sign that states it is the highest point. Go us

A view from the was a smoky day!!!

And a photo to show we all four made it to the top.

We played putt putt.
This is what the kids do while they wait their turn!! ha

No pics of me playing putt putt, I did play, but I am so bad at putt putt, we don't need documentation of that!ha!

We rode go-karts!! together, which obviously I can't take pics of us riding while driving, but the kids decided to race on their own!!!

We went to cade's cove and stopped and played in the water.

Before we came home we also went through the forbidden caves. Incidentally, when you are in the middle of a cave tour, don't ask if there have been any earthquakes...sheesh!!! (I didn't, but some lady did, and I wanted to choke her right there, seriously I have children I don't want freaked out!!)

We went to the Cincy Zoo, the Duke energy Childrens Museum, the Indy zoo, fishing and Kings Island twice!

We have really enjoyed being together!!!

Rebecca got a new bike, and is working on no training wheels and doing amazing!!! And has lots of bruises to show for her efforts!!!

Hope you have a blessed day! And sis, no high expectations for more posts this week! ha!

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Tonya said...

Loved the post, you are so forgiven for being a slacker cause you're off being a good mommy instead!!! This week is gonna be a busy one for all of us, can't wait to get together on Friday!