Thursday, August 19, 2010

These days have been so nice...

someone I worked with said I would never last being home alone without my kiddos home too. Well they were wrong! I have so enjoyed being able to clean without worry, read at my leisure. I went to the grocery and the library it was heavenly. i am still working on a routine for the day, however, I have walked 2 miles everyday for the last 3 days. We walk to school, then I go on my walk to return home. The added benefit is the kids also are getting about a mile of walking in a day!

I cleaned out the bathroom cabinets/shower yesterday. Jon was getting ready to tuck the kids into bed and came into the kitchen and said with a very serious face,"did you call the police?" Now if you know my husband, my first reaction was he was joking, but his nose didn't flare (it does this when he is trying to keep a straight face) so then I thought maybe there was police outside or something, so I said, "No why?" He said, "well, (the nose flared here) there is a ton of stuff missing from the bathroom!" LOL seriously, we did have a ton of stuff that was expired and such, but his reaction cracked me up!

Anyway, all of that to say, I am enjoying these few hours of peace, it helps me enjoy the evening time with the kids that much more, so that person or persons was/were wrong. I like my quiet time just fine!

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