Thursday, September 2, 2010

Time is flying

I cannot believe how fast time is moving. I blink and the day is over! Still enjoying my peace and quiet during the day.

Rebecca starts soccer practice tonight (haven't heard from Ryan's coach yet) so there will be pictures very soon! I haven't even had the camera out for much except to photograph dinner the other night for a recipe swap I'm doing, and need to get started on. ha!

I've not been super vocal about living a more green lifestyle, unless you are my husband who thinks I'm crazy, sister in law who is also doing the same thing, or my mom (who has only heard bits and pieces). But I am. I am trying to cut down on our consumer waste. I had 3 very large bags of recycling this morning, and yesterday had less trash than normal. YAY! I have been enjoying reading and learning on a greener healthier lifestyle thanks to the limited selection at the library, and the internet. Incidentally, this doesn't make me weird, just more conscience of what I am using and doing with what I buy, and lot less wasteful. I want to teach my children to appreciate what they have, but I can't do that if I will throw away something without a good cause.

Hope you have a blessed day!

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