Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Monday

Well, I have a little girl home from school today with a fever, well technically no fever today, but since she had one last night I kept her home to make sure she is better, she is acting just fine.

I thought I had shared this, but I couldn't find it, but one of the things I have done to not only be "frugal" but also to be a good steward of Gods blessing on us is go paperless in the kitchen. I had tried this before, but met some resistance from my dear husband, however, one day, my daughter asked if we could use cloth napkins because she didn't want to go to the pantry to get paper ones, I told her that was fine, as I had a basket on the fridge with a couple sets of napkins in it. She set the table and at dinner when my husband commented on the cloth napkins, my daughter on her own told her daddy that cloth napkins were better for the earth and we should use them all the time.

I was a proud mama at that moment, so I asked if she would like to help make more napkins, she said yes, and because it was her idea, and she helped make them, there has been no resistance. In fact, my son thinks it is like eating at a fancy restaurant.

Sheets make wonderful napkins, particularly old cotton sheets because they are soft. Goodwill or thrift stores are a great place to pick up a sheet if you don't have any old ones. I think it would be fun to use kids printed sheets for napkins the kids would enjoy, although we don't need any more napkins right now.

I love that it has given me the opportunity to talk to my kids about taking care of the earth and being good stewards of all the God has given to us.

so our napkin basket looks like this

I hemmed all of them at about a 1/4 inch, but if I had a serger I would have just serged the ends and called it good. ha! I let Rebecca pick out different thread colors, so we have white napkins hemmed in green, blue, pink, and red, and they are not perfect, but I love that she wanted to help.

Something else I thought I would share. I made lotion last week, and took the jar with me to work to show a friend, which turned into a quiz session on what else I make from many coworkers, and a can I buy that from you session as well.

The lotion is very creamy, goes on smooth, and absorbs wonderfully into the skin. And as a nurse hand washing is done so very much, I ended up leaving the jar on the counter and everyone helped themselves. I love that there are no bad chemicals in it, and love that it is just as good or in my opinion better than store bought. It has a soft coconut scent. I don't do heavy scented product because they cause headaches for me, so for me this homemade lotion is wonderful.

I scooped some out on my finger hoping you can see that it is creamy and kind of thick, but it goes on so very smooth.

Hope you have a blessed day!

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Anonymous said...

How neat about the lotion. Cool!!!

I am planning on picking up some sheets and fabric scraps and making us some napkins soon.