Monday, January 31, 2011

What a day!

I was flossing my teeth last night, and flossed out a part of my tooth. This is B.A.D. I didn't have a dentist which is a whole other story, but anyway, I called and was on stand by at two different dental offices. The most promising one was an 11 am appointment. Turns out it opened up and they called me. Long story short, I am a drama queen, I have a temporary filling, and I have to go back in 2 weeks for a proper filling and I have to be medicated at the insistence of the dentist. I actually cried at the dental office. I was a straight up basket case!!! The anxiety was ridiculous, I knew it was irrational, I apologized a dozen times. Dr. Moore was very patient with me. Unfortunately, my partially missing tooth is not my only issue. So I will be having 3 fillings in 2 weeks. SIGH! On the up side, the hole is filled right now which should prevent inflammation and pain, I now have a dentist, I have dental insurance, and I'm going to be drugged for my next visit ha! (In case you are wondering I had a really bad experience when I was younger, that totally caused this anxiety.

My children were invited to a birthday party this evening at the Bounce Palace. They were super excited. It was for a friend of Ryan's, they went to preschool together. Rebecca and I had a lovely time, Ryan did not. He said his friend said he didn't know him, and wouldn't play with him. Ryan cried after we left because he was lonely at the bounce palace because he was playing by himself. He was pitiful. I wanted to pick him up and hold him tight, but that really isn't an option when I am driving. He has recovered from the sadness, but it just broke my heart. He was a bit dramatic about it, but I think he was just so disappointed because in his mind he was going to finally get to play with his friend, a friend he has missed very much, and it didn't work out that way.

Rebecca had a good day, she really didn't have too much drama, until we were working on Math...but I'll save that drama for another day. ha!!

So I discovered there is a trend. There is a lot of drama, and it would seem to be genetic. ha! totally from their dad! or not.

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