Friday, February 4, 2011

Ice is nice in a drink, but not on the roads

I am so over the "ice days" We are one our 4th snow day, altho really it has been ice days! Again, my whole family is home from school. I finally got out yesterday, just to be alone for a few minutes. Wow did I ever need that!!! We have been fine through all this weather, we lost power on Tuesday for about 40 minutes when some transformers blew up across the street, and again yesterday when the electrician cut our wires. He had no choice as the ice storm had pulled our lines and and siding off the back of our house. We were only without power yesterday for about 6 hours, but to my kids it was an eternity. They thought it was awful not to have lights and electricity. We are so spoiled.

We had about 1/4 inch of ice by Tuesday morning, but on Wednesday afternoon when I decided to de-ice my car there was a good inch of frozen stuff on my car, and more in some places. The snow is so frozen that when you walk across it doesn't even leave footprints. The kids, well Rebecca, has been begging to go outside, but with power lines down in our backyard, and an icy mess leading to the street out front, we haven't had a chance to really go out and slip slide around. Today, however, will be the perfect day for sliding in the yard. No power lines to worry over, just sore bottoms from falling on the ice ha!!

I have been working on reading through the Bible in 90 days. The reading is going well. I am amazed at all the things I have missed. I think until now I would have said I know the Bible, but I have learned that I only know a very small fraction of it. When we are done with the 90 day reading through the Bible, I plan to start focusing on memorization. I would like to work on a book at a time, but I may do some individual verses first, and then work a book at a time. I am seeing my need to be searching more indepth in the scriptures, and not just flippantly reading through a section with my devotions. Again, I am at a loss at all I have missed out on, even though I didn't think I was carelessly reading God's word, I have not been giving it the attention it deserves. I am blown away at what I have been learning, not only in the scriptures, but personally. I have gained a desire for more of God, a desire that I thought I had and have wanted for as long as I can remember, but now I feel it too, which makes a big difference.

I remember reading somewhere that the more you are in God's word the more you want to be in God's word. I understand that now, in a way that was incomprehensible before this reading session. What a blessing this has been. I am so glad I stumbled upon this challenge. Of course, this was no accident, God is certainly in control.

Reading has been something that has been going on fairly steadily this week we have been home. Jon has been reading the Boxcar children to the kids, Rebecca is loving it, and even when they stop reading together she has been picking up the book and reading on. I love that she loves to read!

I have not accomplished much this week. When everyone is home I seem to sit much more than when I am here alone. Having them home has been bittersweet. I love them all here, but I miss my alone time. I know all too soon, the house will be more empty than full, and so I should just enjoy this time, but I have become accustom to those few hours for just me through the week. I think I'll go toss some laundry in, do the breakfast dishes, and then see if my little girl wants to paint.

Have a blessed day!

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