Monday, February 14, 2011

Thankful for so many things

I have been writing in my gifts journal, little snippets of the gifts God has given me, because that is what they are. Gifts, things I love, little love gifts from God.
~the smell of sheets from the line
~the hum of the dryer
~the ability to read
~child's laughter
~warm bread from the oven
~the sweet elderly couple holding hands at the store

these things are small, but powerful. My God loves me and loves me in the small things, blessing, grace, and the most amazing thing, these things bring me joy. The true gift from all of this is joy!

The book by Ann Voskamp one thousand gifts I mentioned in my last post has been life changing for me. You can go here to view the videos for chapters 1-3. The videos bring even more of the book. Something posted today that made a difference, was when Jess said she wanted to do this but thought it had to be pretty, with perfect handwriting. I get that idea and it is why I didn't start this a long time ago, because it felt like a burden. That is not was this is about, it is about living with eyes wide open, seeing God in everything, from cold water from the faucet, to the robin eating crab apples. Everything, by grace, we are giving thanks for this gifts for which in return we receive joy for our thanks, and we are praising God by making this list, seeing God in everything, even the things we see as bad, or negative and find something we can give thanks for, what a change in outlook. I am far from succeeding at this, but it is practice, practice making a list, practice seeing God, and practice giving praise. I have more moments where my tongue is sharp and not thankful, but that is why I am practicing. Can you write down 1000 things you are thankful for?
I am, and not because it is the "in" thing to do, not because someone else thinks I should, but because I want to see God in everything, being all there all the time.

I know my posts have been picture empty, not because I don't want there to be pictures, but because unlike my cousin, or my sister, photography is not an extension of who I am, I want it to be, and I carry a camera, but I don't have the photographers eye, what I see through the lens is never what I see in life, may sound strange, but I am going to try to do better. just as I am practicing writing my gifts, I am going to try to practice taking more photos.

Happy Valentine's Day
Have a blessed day!

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