Friday, February 18, 2011

View of the back seat

So we met Jon Monday at school to go out for Valentine's Day, and it was very very quiet in the back seat, which usually means one of 2 things, they are being sneaky, or asleep. I adjusted the rearview mirror to take a look and this is what I saw.

I tried not to laugh. You may wonder what on earth they are doing. They are playing their Nintendo DS's. Because they are back lit, in bright light they are hard to see, so they took off their coats to create a darker environment. I thought it was funny, and pretty smart too. I enjoyed the quiet the rest of the trip with a smile.

It has been beautiful weather this week. So thankful for the break from ice and snow, and I love the sunshine. It makes my heart sing! Rebecca hadn't ridden her bike since last fall, and was nervous about no training wheels, Ryan chose his scooter over his bike, and is nervous of learning to ride with no training wheels too, I think he will get it easy, he just doesn't want to do it yet.

Of course, at some point Ryan decided he was tired. ha!

About to finish up reading 1000 gifts, and then I am going to read it again. This morning, frustration won out over seeing the gifts. I got a reminder that this is a discipline, thanking God for everything, and it does require practice.

We are starting a new Bible Study at church called Crazy Love, by Francis Chan, which from what I can tell (I just got my book) ties right in with what I have been learning from 1000 gifts. In fact, the pastor said before dismissing last evening, to try this week to be thankful, and instead of praying always asking, give thanks. I thought, that is exactly what I have been doing, giving thanks for everything. Rebecca has even found it fun to find things to be thankful for, she was listing things while we waited for our table at Outback on Valentine's Day, it gave me the opportunity to talk to her about being thankful, and then of course, the rest of this week has been filled with battles, but I am still a work in progress!

This morning I thanked God for
~buds on the trees
~a robin playing in the backyard
~peppermint tea

Have a blessed day

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