Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This is the Moist Life

Funny title I know, but as always there is a story.

For Valentine's day I had bought those little capsules that have sponge things in them. You put them in water and they grown into a creature, dinosaurs for Ry, and teddy bears for Reb (don't call her this by the way or she'll give you the evil eye). Since the kids were out of school yesterday I gave them each a big bowl of water so they could watch their capsules grow into what they were to be. I was reading at the table and not really paying attention to what was going on, but heard them using different voices and pretend playing which I love to listen too, then while half listening I hear Ryan say, "This is the MOIST life"

I totally cracked up. I mean seriously where does this boy come up with this stuff, sponges in water of course they are wet, but this is the moist life. He totally keeps me in stitches, and had to share!

It is cold today, and my car wouldn't start. So I walked the kids to school. I called the dealership one because I was to take the car in, and since it wouldn't start I could do that and because it is the only place I seem to have any luck actually getting our vehicles taken care of even though it is pricey. Pat (the service manager) sent two young men out to work on starting my car and bringing it in. It took some effort, but they got it to the shop. Just waiting to hear the bad news. ha! Walking in the cold wasn't too bad, even had an offer for a ride from a family down the street, but the crisp air was nice, and it gave me some much needed exercise. I am going to take scarves for the kids for the walk home, we sort of ran out the door when the car wouldn't start, so I didn't think of that until I saw the pink cheeks on my kiddos. Altho, maybe I'll get lucky and have my car back. I actually doubt this because they were scheduled pretty full this week, in fact, I was suppose to take the car last night and drop it off, but since it was going to be cold I decided I would take it this morning so we wouldn't have to walk in the cold...that plan got foiled.

Question of the day, what does it mean when your kids are playing store and they tell you their store is Goodwill?

I have added another page to my blog, next to recipes you will see cards, this is a page of cards I have made. I decided taking a pic is a great way to keep tabs on what I have made, so if I want to recreate it, I can do so easily.

Hope you have a blessed day!

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Tonya said...

that is hilarious!!!