Friday, March 18, 2011

Daylight Savings Time

how I hate daylight savings time. However, last night after church, it was still daylight and I liked it! The kids were all running around and playing. It was nice. We didn't adjust very well AT ALL. For the first 3 days of this week, the kids overslept, and it was a mad dash to school. I must say I really don't like that!  However, my son always provides a bit of comic relief.

He was so proud he was ready early, completely dressed, teeth brushed, backpack ready. His sister on the other hand was moving like a slug! I had been on her for a solid 10 minutes to hurry up. You know this is the time she can't find her shoes because she didn't put them away, etc. Ry asked if he could go out front while we were waiting. I said sure, and left the door open so I could see him, and continued on my reminding Rebecca to hurry up. Suddenly, Ry yells from the end of the sidewalk "OH NO!" I turn to look at him and ask what is wrong, He yells for the whole neighborhood to hear, "I FORGOT TO PUT ON UNDERWEAR!" He runs inside, I attempt to stifle laughter and ask how on earth he forgot underwear, mortified that the whole block now knows he forgot his underwear. He says, "I don't know I guess just sometimes it happens, but it was a little bit breezy!" By this time Rebecca is ready and agitated that we are now waiting on her brother. She impatiently asks,"are we going to be late because of him, and are you going to be mad if we are" I smiled and said, "if we are late because of him, it is going to be a great story to tell, no I won't be mad, and neither will the ladies in the office at school"  She wasn't particularly happy about that, but it has been fun to tell this story.

On the note of underwear and my son. He is always so honest, and does things, and then comes to tell me with this look that I know means he has done something he's not sure if he will get in trouble for, but feels compelled to tell me anyway. 
It was afterschool, we were home, and I think he had been to the bathroom, when he walks up to me and says, "mama, I have on 2 pair of underwear" I am certain I did a double take, and asked why. He said, "I don't know, I guess I was in such a hurry I put them on twice." I asked if he had had on two pair all day, and he informed me that he had. I then asked if he told anyone. He said, " I told Charlie, but I don't think he heard me"  only my son! On the up side, he had on a regular pair of undies, then a boxer brief pair, then jeans. =)

My daughter doesn't usually bring the comic relief, but the other night she was talking about the earthquake in Japan, and that they had learned about earthquakes at school. We talked a bit more, then she said, "oh mommy, I know what salami is"  Thinking we had jumped subjects, I asked her what it was, "it is when the earthquake happens in the ocean, and make the water go to the land" I so didn't contain my laughter, but said, Sis, that is a Tsunami, not salami!

And in case you need to know, she knows what she likes to eat, because her taste BUGS tell her! =) 

Have a blessed day!

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