Thursday, April 14, 2011


Just some randomness about my boy that I want to remember.

We were driving home from the movie store and in a very serious voice he says, "Mommy, I hate to have to tell you this" dramatic pause "I picked my nose during reading"

Me not exactly sure what he said, "what did you say"

Ry "I've said it, and I'm only saying it once"

(yes I laughed at the time and I did again just re-living the moment)

"Mama, if you burn up your eyes looking at the sun, will you still be able to see?"
me: "I don't know Ry"
Ry: "If you look at the sun you are blonde"
Me: "what blonde? do you mean blind?"
Ry: (laughs a little) "Oh yeah, blind, I'm blonde" (laughs some more)
Ry: "daddy says you can still see"
me: Ok

I told him to pick up his room, I'm not sure exactly what all he did in his room, but it did get better, however in effort to stall he pulled out a piece of paper and a pen to make a to do list, complete with check boxes. HA
toys, shoes, stuffed animal (stuf), alien head

He came back to the kitchen to add books to the list after I took the photos. It was super cute, but mostly he was just stalling!

We took his training wheels off of his bike last night, that did NOT go well. He ended up in tears because he wasn't immediately successful. And I thought his sister was hard to teach to ride a bike!

Have a blessed day!

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