Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How does your bathroom smell?

Okay this is a bit unusual, but I just have to share. I am totally against using "air fresheners" because honestly there is nothing fresh about the chemicals you spray in the air.  Just a walk down the "freshener/laundry" aisle at the store will give me a headache, but everyone wants their bathroom to smell fresh.

I have a bottle of water with a few drops of lavender essential oil in the bathroom, and I spray it on the shower curtain daily.

However, I read today here that you can put a couple drops of eucalyptus essential oil in the toilet before you do number 2, and there will be no stink. Curious, and a bit excited by this idea, I was disheartened that I didn't need to go (yeah I know that borders on too much info), however about 5 minutes ago one of my littles did need to go, and I ran to the bathroom to stop my little so we could try this out.  I am excited to report, not only was there no stink during, there was no stink after, and the bathroom smells fresher now than it did before the little did a little business. HA!

I am certain my husband will not try this for me, however I may slip a few drops in just before he gets home HA!  I also read that if you don't have eucalyptus, you can use peppermint, lemon, or wintergreen essential oils. A bottle of eucalyptus oil is around $5, but it will last for a very long time!

I still can't believe it works, but how exciting that it does. Don't worry you don't have to tell anyone you want to try it, it is okay. (by the way, how handy would it be to carry a little bottle of the oil in your purse for those potty emergencies... just sayin'.)

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