Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring cleaning...

This post is entirely for myself. A list of things to do that I can't lose in the clutter! But you are welcome to read it, and join in if needed.

Spring, a time of renewal, of new life, of preparation, of knocking down cob webs. Also, a time to look at and evaluate the things you are doing, whether that be food, schedule, hobbies. I have decided to spring clean more than one thing.

My house clearly (well to me anyway) needs a spring cleaning, a declutter, a overhaul. We have too much stuff. plain and simple. We have a small house, and too much stuff. Everything doesn't have a home because there isn't enough room for everything to have one. And to be really honest, I am a slob. I create clutter. I always have. My mom would tell you I used to line my bedroom walls with stuff. (now in my defense, that did make it look a little more neat!) Now I create piles. And I think I might be a bit of a hoarder. You know, the what if I need that someday.  I want to be the girl with the always tidy house, with nothing out of place, but the reality is that is my sister not me, my order is much more chaotic, altho I do have some order. I also know that I get overwhelmed by the clutter, and it is paralyzing for me. I sometimes look at a project, or a room, and get exhausted by the shear magnitude of things to do. Usually, if I just start I manage to get it done, and other times I create a bigger mess. SIGH. So my goal, obviously not for only today, but for this spring time in general is to take a real look at everything. If it does not make me happy, or add beauty to our home, it is out. Now, the kids will have to help with their stuff, but they need to be learning skills of putting away instead of just drop and run. You might pray for me, as this will be a big undertaking.

I am also going to spring clean my diet. I have been having a bit of belly trouble, and I have no doubt that, the clutter mentioned above, as well as some other stresses have exacerbated my belly trouble, not to mention the spring time allergens, however, so has the stops thru the drive thru, or packaged, overly processed foods. My gut just doesn't really like those foods. I feel kind of down, and blah a lot recently, and my eating isnt' helping me. So a spring clean is in order.  I plan on keeping a journal of what I put in my mouth (this is a very hard thing for me, but I must do it.) I need to see if there are certain foods that trigger my upset gut. My husband wants to me to go to the doctor, but the dr. will tell me to lose weight, and eat better, so I am going to do that first, and then if I am not better with in a few weeks I will make an appointment. No reason to pay a physcian to tell me what I already know. I started this diet overhaul today. I am writing not only what I eat, but also how I feel at that time as well. I think that maybe journaling will make me feel better emotionally too.

I am going to spring clean my blog, did this while I ate lunch. I have way too many blogs I get lost in, which means I waste entirely too much time online, and I don't spend enough time doing the important things, like Bible reading, cleaning, planning, etc. I find a blog I like, and that usually leads me to another one and another, it is a really big time waster.

At some point I'm going to attack the upstairs of our garage. That is where everything we don't know what else to do with goes. During the winter it always gets really bad. I should probably have a rummage sale, but they are SO much work. I would rather take a load to goodwill instead. This one is pretty far down on my list.

Okay that is really enough to start with, don't you think. I want to create some order without being overbearing and crazy if something is out of place because most likely  I will be the one leaving it out of place! ha!

So today, I am going to start a load of laundry, load 2 load 3 Load 4 is in wash and all clean clothes are folded and put away except for socks, which need matched. and pick up the family room while I am down there.

then I'm going to dust and vacuum, the family room too. I even worked on my recliner.

then I'm going to do the breakfast dishes and clean off the kitchen table, and clear off the clutter on the fridge, and microwave cabinet.

then I'm going to remove anything that does not belong in the living room, from the living room.

dust, sweep, and steam dust the floor.

then clean the bathroom.

then clean the kids room. change sheets, pick up trash.Then they can help declutter this afternoon

then dust and tidy my room (which has already been spring cleaned) =).

Now I may not accomplish this all today, and that is ok, but I at least have a plan.

Now go forth and clean

Have a blessed day!

I plan to come back and mark things off as the day progresses.

So I didn't get it all done, however I did get a lot done. I am still working on laundry, I think it is load 6 that is in the washer (no I haven't done any laundry since last week) Now I have things on a list for tomorrow. I am making headway, and I was not idle today, which really was my goal.

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