Thursday, April 28, 2011

A few things I like...

Rain is not one of them. HA!

I will admit I tend to go overboard whenever I get a new idea, or "passion" you might say. I think I may have done this with chemicals etc. in products. See I have made my own products, and such, but I realized this week, I kinda just look like a dirty hippie. Okay, maybe not exactly, but when people say that a picture of you from less than 2 years ago doesn't even resemble you at all it is a concern, and on top of that my hair was dry and falling out from the "natural" shampoos, it was constantly tangly from lack of a decent conditioner. So, I caved and bought "normal people" (this is what my husband calls it) shampoo. My hair has not recovered completely, but it is so much better. Also with the "normal" shampoo, Rebecca's hair is doing better, less tangles, which means less drama.

Another thing I bought, was dove antiperspirent. I have been making mine for a long while, but my poor arm pits looked terrible, not such a big deal in the winter, but summer is a coming, and I'm sure I'll want to go sleeveless. 2 days with "normal people" deo and my pits look normal. hmmm. I don't like the aluminum, but I don't care for ugly pits more. (be thankful there is no picture) ha!

I also used dove soap instead of castile, or other natural bar, because my skin was very dry and not looking very healthy. Actually, I just looked kind of haggard. Not much of a vote for healthy products. One look at me, and I would run the other way! ha!

I won't compromise on some things, like removing as much artificial dyes from our food as possible, and buying good healthy food. I want to waste as little as possible, and I am still doing "green" things. But honestly, it is nice to have hair that smells good, and holds a style, and my skin is already improving, after only about 4 days using dove. I had some sore spots where I had scraped my skin that were not healing, but now they are.

On a little more positive note, I found some fun nail polish. It is a lavender, that I thought would be a bit more sheer, but is really quite opaque. I don't know how well this photo will show but here it is. The shade is Nice is nice
it looks kind of gray in this photo, but it is sort of an Easter egg lavender. I like it. I painted Rebecca's nails this shade too.

I think fear has been a big driving force in my decisions regarding products etc. You can't deny that the increase in cancer in our society. It became a bit all consuming, and my focus was not on what or who it should be. Also, I want to feel pretty, and good about me. And less than stellar cosmetics, and products are not helping that.  I am tired of being down in the dumps, but when you spend time getting ready for your day, and you look in the mirror and feel worse, well, that just doesn't help. I am not saying my appearance defines who I am, I am not that shallow, however, I do think it is okay to take a bit of pride in my appearance. I remember Beth Moore saying something along those lines in one of the Bible studies we did, she commented that she liked "cute" and it's okay.

So I admit that I have gone overboard, it is one of my many character flaws. Forgive me.

Hope you have a blessed day!

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