Monday, May 16, 2011

5 days til my girl is 8

She has been counting down the days to her birthday all month long. She found out last week she needs glasses. Mostly just for reading, and she won't have to wear them all the time. She has an accommodation issue, adjusting from paper to board, altho I have the same vision issue, thankfully she didn't have to have bifocals. She looks so cute and grown up in them. I took her pic at the eye doctor, she will get her glasses the end of this week or first of next. She is very excited.

there will be much planning this week for my girls birthday. We are having an owl theme. And cookies instead of cake. She is a bit non-traditional at her parties. We had angel food cake and strawberries last year.  Very thankful Oriental trading mag came with a new owl themed party supplies. It saved me having to make them, which is what I had been planning on doing.

It is going to be a busy week. 

it is big trash week for our town, so I unloaded our shed this morning. There was stuff in there I thought had been tossed out years ago. Shows how often I go in the shed HA!  Off to do some dishes and laundry. yay!

have a blessed day

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