Thursday, May 5, 2011

Finally a sunny day!!

too bad I am exhausted. I took some nyquil last night because I kind of felt like I was getting a cold...Nyquil did not help me get my ZZZZs. In fact it was 330 this morning before sleep came. My alarm went off at 5. I did not get up. I turned it off. I got back up at 630 to get my family ready for the day. I did lay down after taking the kids to school, but I didn't sleep.

My vision is kind of blurry, lack of sleep does that too me. I did keep my hair appointment for today.

So when I got up this morning I looked like this (well, this is after a shower and makeup ha)

I know I am not smiling, but all of my smiling pics looked goofy.

and after the girl who's name I don't know worked her magic

My instructions were I want a bob, and side swept bangs, other than that I don't care. The pic doesn't really do it justice. It is pretty cute! I did almost fall asleep tho while she was drying my hair. I am tired!

This week is teacher appreciation week. So I  made card sets for the kids teachers.

inside of flower cards

Rebecca's teacher said she didn't even know it was Teacher appreciation week.

I did some sewing this week as well. I took a pair of Rebecca's jeans and made capris and made a long sleeved shirt a short sleeved one.

Also this week, Ryan learned to blow a bubble with his gum. He is very excited about this.

working the gum

still working the gum

and a bubble
Hope you have a blessed day!

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