Wednesday, June 8, 2011

first and last

So I took pics of the pics of my girl from the beginning and ending of school. Get ready to be amazed at the changes.

beginning of the school year

end of the school year
I think I said wow so many times. I hadn't noticed the change really because I am with her everyday. Ry's changes weren't as drastic, but I'll post those another day.

Today we are cleaning, and this pretty princess pictured above threw an absolute fit over cleaning up her toys. She even tried to get her daddy to take her with him to the school. We had a lot of words about keeping things picked up and putting things away. Also going to be downsizing. There are so many things they rarely play with, that can go to the garage for now.

Wish me kindness of words and a gentle spirit, as I have already had a harsh tone this morning.

Have a blessed day!

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