Friday, June 3, 2011

26 days

I have 26 days til I will be needing to put on a swimsuit. It is currently not a pretty sight.  So I joined sparkpeople and it is FREE, you read that right FREE. Best part, you can track food, exercise, and other things just like you can on weight watchers, or any other thing, but it is FREE. So I logged in my weight, my goal weight, my measurements, and then it programs a caloric goal, as well as a carb, protein and fat goal for each day. You type in the kind of food you ate and then put in the amount, if the food isn't listed you can create your own. We had Mexican for supper so I went with the closest things I could find. Not exact, but I don't believe it will be too far off either. I really don't like calorie counting, but I'm not really. I am just writing down everything I put in my mouth. I need some accountability because until you right it down and actually see the amount of stuff you consume, you really have no idea. I was well within my budgeted calories etc, There isn't a set number, but a range, like you need to eat at least this much, but no more than this for weight loss. Altho, considering I was probably consuming at least twice what I consumed today I might go into shock ha! Good bad or ugly, I over eat. By supper time I was hungry, significantly more hungry than usual, and I did eat to full, but it tasted so good. Baby steps people baby steps. ha!  I also exercised so I burnt some extra calories. YAY

It was a great first day of summer vacation. I enjoyed having the kids home, they only argued a little. I have some really fun pictures to post soon. First and last day of school pics. Amazing the change in the kids, particularly Rebecca.  Jon and I both just kept saying WOW when we compared her pics.

I planted strawberries, and tomatoes today. I trimmed 4 bushes, and cleaned up the fence row. I have some more work to do on my other garden bed, but that will have to be another day.

Yay for summer vacation

have a blessed day!

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