Thursday, July 21, 2011

It is HOT

Yesterday the heat index hit 107 YUCK and WOW. ha! We did a lot of "staycation" ish kind of things yesterday. Dripped with sweat standing still, which I would like to say is WRONG! I didn't take the camera, but kind of wish I had. We started out packing up goodies to grill out at the state park.
We ran to the new walmart because I needed my fishing licenses, and first day bugs got the printer, so it took like 30 minutes to get the license. We quickly went thru the food section because we needed a few things for lunch, then headed out.
We went to quakertown, had grilled hot dogs, corn on the cob, and grilled an apple, which would have been good if it had cooked a bit longer, but we were running out of heat on the grill.

Then  we explored the state park a bit, checked out camping sites, which were nice, then headed to the beach. Now the kids were a bit whiny because they wanted to put on their suits and play, but it was so hot, and I would have had to get in the water too, and the water was very warm, very! So we dipped our toes in for a bit, then headed on.

We drove to Whitewater state park, where we mostly drove around, the kids spied a playground, so we stopped for a bit while they played. I had a sheet in the car, so I laid that out on the ground and read in the shade.

It was kind of miserable, we were going to go for a hike, but didn't have enough water to make that feasible, and in case I hadn't mentioned it, it was SO hot! =)

We drove into Liberty, where we went to the Liberty Bell. I am not sure how they get away with selling food items that expired 2 years ago. Lots of other stuff tho. I had been looking for the umbrellas with clamps you can put on a chair. They had them, so I bought 3.  I had looked at walmart, meijer, kmart, and hadn't found them. So that stop was a success, plus it was air conditioned.

We then were headed back home, but stopped at treaty line, and checked out a fishing spot. We fished for a good bit. It was certainly a girls day to fish, Rebecca caught the most fish, only one was a keeper, which we gave to a stray cat that had been injured. I caught 2 fish, and took fish off the hook for he first time.
Ryan caught one, and I don't think Jon caught any, but part of that was because he was constantly helping the other 3 of us. Ryan actually had a second fish, but his line got caught on a branch and when I tried to help him, I pulled up and the fish flipped off his hook causing it to wrap around the branch. Then Ry got stung by something, so we packed up and headed home. Just in time too, as we drove home I noticed a heavy cloud front, and it looked like it could rain. The wind picked up, and there was a storm cell headed our way, but all we really got was some thunder and lightning. We could have really used the rain.

We came home, washed off our dirty legs, and checked for ticks. We had none thankfully. Then relaxed.

It  was a great day! 

Today we have already been out for a walk. It is already humid, and there is a projected heat index of 112. What is this Arizona ha! ha!

Hope you have a blessed day!

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