Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday Wednesday

Week 2 Day 2 down of the Couch to 5K and it almost kicked my rear. That last 90 second run about did me in!! last week day 2 was tough too.  I didn't really even want to get up this morning, but I was not going to let myself stop. So I got up at dark 30, woke up Rebecca and headed out. She is really a good little helper.  She helps keep me motivated too.  I'll be sad when she goes back to school and I'm running on my own.

Something on an entirely different note. Someone I know, but never actually met in real life passed away Sunday from cancer. I hate cancer. I really thought Chris would beat this, but cancer is no respecter of persons. I am praying for her family, and I am sure they would appreciate your prayers too
Chris was an amazing scrapbooker, designer, and beautiful person. She will certainly be missed.

Hope you have a blessed day! Don't forget to be present you never know what tomorrow holds.

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