Thursday, August 18, 2011

Being frugal

So a dairy intolerance/allergy makes grocery shopping a big time consuming, difficult, and expensive.  We are doing major cutting back at home, and that has sent me on a mission to find where to get the best prices for those things we use every day. One of those things, which is also rather pricey is a butter substitute. a tub of it is 4.28, and that is a small tub. I use it for anything you would use butter for, baking, on toast, etc. There used to be some stick butter sub I could find a box (4 sticks) were around 2.50, but I can no longer find it, and no place in town carried it either. So today, I was pricing items at our new Walmart, and decided to check out some of the stick butters, hoping maybe they had changed their formula. WELL BLESS MY SOUL!! there was one!!!! I nearly squealed in the aisle!!! Blue Bonnet light is dairy free. WOOHOO!!! And it is only 92 cents for a box....92 cents!!!! and they also have a TUB!!!! a double blessing...and the cost for the same size tub as the earth balance I have been buying....wait for it! ha I can't wait $1.44. I nearly jumped up and down!!!!! That is a ridiculous savings, ri.dic.u.lous!!!! Who knew I could be so excited over butter right. HA!! Well, as a girl who likes to cook, butter is a bit important. I was actually putting off making granola bars because it was going to take so much butter, but now I can do it, and they are so good, and so much cheaper than buying them (even more so now with my blue bonnet light)! Now if I could just find cheaper non dairy cheese! =)

I didn't get any meal planning done yesterday. I am going to be sampling some spaghetti sauces to use Friday for the band. So that will be my lunch. I still need to go price things at Kroger, and MainStreet market(I'm pretty sure this will only be a place I go if something is crazy on sale!).  Kids have open house this evening, so we will probably have a light quick supper. Maybe something using the turkey I made.

In honor of making granola bars, here is a photo of Ryan helping me do just that!
keeping a close eye on our granola glue =)
Have a blessed day!

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