Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My little Lady

No picture of the outfit of the day, which was changed by the bossing of a mama about 3 times or so. She is certainly coming into her own. We are working on using kind words instead of a whole lot of attitude (I have one sassy girl). She might get some of that sharp tongue from her mama, it is a trait I really do not like, and I am working on it.  She is suddenly very into wearing jewelry, and scented lotion (some of which make me gag).
One shirt was too short, I don't want belly or bottom hanging out. One shirt was too tight with the skirt she was wearing. One skirt was too short for the shirt. We settled in the end on her fave shirt which is gray, with an angle cut at the bottom, and a tulle ruffle, a denim skirt, and brown buckle sandals. Entire outfit courtesy of a shopping trip with Aunt Tonya. She wanted to leave her hair down, but her bangs hang in her face, so we compromised with a headband. She looked adorable. Now we just need to keep the inside adorable too!

In other news. LOL I found a simple skirt pattern, I am going to try to make her some new skirts since she loves to wear them. It will be a great way to use some fabric I have had lying around for years! She also needs some play shorts, so I have a knit sheet I picked up at goodwill awhile ago, and I'm gonna see what I can do with that! Kind of excited to try some projects.

I have tried before without success to make a meal plan. It is time to try again. It will serve a few purposes. I will know what we are having for supper, it will best use what we have, it will save us money, it will allow me to make extra for freezer meals, it will allow me to plan meals around what is on sale at the stores. I have been reading about ways to best do this, but as there is no right or wrong way, I am just taking in the knowledge of those who have succeeded at meal planning so I can give it a go. I am making a list of meals we already know we like, and then I am planning to try out at least one new recipe a week. There is no reason to eat the same things over and over. I think I am going to try to plan some breakfasts too, the "hey what do you want for breakfast?" makes my mornings a little hairy!

So as I learn some new things in my effort to not only save money, but to better use my time and resources, I hope to share what I learn. There may be some menu plan posts, or a new recipe to try here and there.

Excited for a new adventure in frugality and creativity. Anxious to see God's blessing in everything! And praying for a more gentle spirit.

Hope you have a blessed day!

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