Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cam Club, Soccer, and other stuff

I have no idea what Cam stands for if anything, but Rebecca was selected to be a part of Cam club. They only offered it to 4 kids per class. They meet every Wednesday after school for an hour. My 3rd grader will be learning keyboarding, developing a website, researching online, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Publisher. And at the end of the year she will create a project using the computer skill she learned. I am so proud of her for being selected and how incredible is it for her to get the opportunity to learn all of that at her age. I mean I learned all of that in highschool, (there is no need to point out how long ago that was ha!).

working on her homelinks math

I am also glad that my girl will be learning cursive. Her teacher went to a meeting to be able to continue to teach it, but in this day of technology handwriting is flying out the window. Makes me want to send out a bunch of hand written notes.

Her printing is not bad, her first grade teacher, who also had Ryan this year, commented that Ryan had great hand writing just like his sister. Well, her printing has improved, but her brothers printing is amazing.

Ryan's spelling practice

Both kids are playing soccer this fall. Ryan scored 5 goals at his first game and 2 at his second game. Rebecca's team didn't score any goals, but she got out their and was stealing the ball, and doing a great job!

Both kids are in Bible Quizzing. This year we are studying Mathew. Ryan is working hard at memorizing his verses, and learning how to find things in the Bible. Rebecca struggles a bit more with the studying, and so she gets frustrated, particularly when her younger brother is learning something faster than she is.  I am trying to remember it just comes easier to Ryan, and not get frustrated with Rebecca. 

This is the first year Rebecca actually gets grades, up til now it has been checks, and pluses. Her midterm came home. She is doing very well. Struggling a little bit in math, but we will work on it. I am so proud of her. I do know I have a hard time when she doesn't "get" something. School came easy to me, and to my husband, so I don't always know how to help her. Thankfully her daddy is more patient than I am. Well, at least comes off more patient.

Both kids have started piano. Free lessons are awesome. Turns out having a band director for a husband means I only need to see that they practice, and he can teach them the basics. (it helps he teaches piano at the highschool too). And I can help them as they get farther along. Rebecca is doing great! Ryan seems to be able to play by ear a bit (this is not a blessing). I kind of would like Rebecca to be able to do this without her brother, but he was anxious to learn too.

On a complete side note, my corn chowder last night was less than stellar. So if you have a great corn chowder recipe I would love to give it a go.!

Have a blessed day!

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