Wednesday, October 19, 2011

That's what I'm gonna go with...

So, I pick the kids up from school. Ryan comes running out to the car and I notice his pants tucked into his socks, and I have to ask him, "Ryan why are your pants tucked into your socks?"  He answers, "So I can look like a pilgrim"  Then his sister gets in the car, and we talk some more, and he decides "or you can call me a leprechaun" I say, "A leprechaun, or a pilgrim okay" Rebecca being the disgusted big sister she has become I'm sure rolled her eyes then said "You dont' look like either thing" Ryan says, "I'm a leprechaun, yeah, that's what I'm gonna go with"   I couldn't help but laugh, and so you can see the ridiculousness that was his pants tucked into his socks I took pictures.

He is such a delight.

Have a blessed day!

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