Monday, November 7, 2011

Menu Plan

So I have still been planning my menus, but not posting them, but I am on it today! Oh and I took the brownies I made yesterday to work, and when I remembered I was gonna get a picture the pan was empty!  People hunted me down to get these brownies. They are a HUGE hit. Best homemade brownies ever, and you can cut down the calories by substituting applesauce for the oil.

So on to the weekly menu.

Monday:  Tonight is Girls Night Out for me, so I am making pizza crust for Jon and Ry to make homemade pizza. Also frying up some sausage. I'll have toppings ready for them. So it will be a build and bake easy peasy dinner.

Tuesday: Chef Salad. (I'm gonna boil some eggs, and make croutons for this meal)

Wednesday: Sausage with Red beans and rice. Green beans, Cornbread muffins. (using left over sausage from Monday

Thursday:  Soup Night. Thinking Potato with cheese and bacon

Friday. Some kind of chicken with baked sweet potatoes and broccoli and cauliflower.

Saturday:  leftovers, or hamburgers.

So the plan is there, no items need to be purchased, some small things need prep, but meal planning makes it so much easier.

One thing I am going to be doing is really cutting our grocery spending. We way way way over do on the grocery spending. So I have a freshly stocked pantry, and the freezer is full with enough, that I will not be doing any grocery shopping this week. We may run out of bread, but I can always make that, so I will be looking thru the ads, and menu planning for next week based on what we have and sale items, so I can make smart, money saving trips, instead of frequent money wasting trips to the grocery. I plan to shop on Friday. I do food prep things when I bring the groceries in too. I cut up veggies (when they are cut up they get eaten, when they are not they go to waste!) I fry any ground beef and store it in one pound portions, I divide family packs in to supper sized servings and freeze.

I may even post about my shopping trips to help me be accountable. If I can get the spending even lower than my planned budgeted amount, that would be AWESOME!!

Hope you have a blessed day!

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