Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thankful even when things don't go as planned.

So, I had a long to do list for today. I started off well, laundry in as soon as Jon was out of the shower (funny thing, he likes to have hot water for his shower, so starting laundry before he is done makes him run out of hot water...oops)

Lunches packed, breakfast done, dressed and ready to go VOTE! Back home with 30 minutes till the kids need to be at school. Running over my mental to do list. On the top was call the doctor for Rebecca, cough for several weeks, better then getting worse.

Drop the kids off and start the phone call to the dr. office right at 0800 because we all know it takes forever to get thru, then they are booked til the afternoon. etc. etc. etc.

Picked up on the first ring, "can you be here at 0840" Um, okay, I just dropped Reb off at school, I have on NO makeup, gotta turn around the car, go into the school and get her.She takes way too long to get to the office.

Car won't start. AAACCCKKK. Try again, starts right up, make mad dash for the doctor. Only 2 minutes late. Antibiotics for 10 days unless not better in 6, then 20 days (thank you for the refill I am capable of deciding whether or not she needs 20 days of antibiotics) Get to car, won't start!  then shakes like an earthquake, doesn't seem to be getting fuel. Finally settles down, but misses as we stop and start. Darn stop signs at every block!

Stop at Aldi because we don't have one here (BOOHOO!--that's me pouting about not having an aldi by the way ha!) Got dog food on the cheap, 20 lbs for $8.97, 2 gallons of milk $1.49 each, and toilet paper to try $4.99  (a whole $2 cheaper than Charmin IF I can get it on sale, and has 66 more sheets per roll (that's 20 sheets shy of a single roll) and it is soft)  Get to the car...doesn't start on the first go, then starts right up.

Car place now expecting us when I get back home because I've already called to get the car in and they have an opening today.  Get into town, stop at Kroger for the medicine, run home to unload the car and get applesauce so my big girl could swallow those horse pills. (she asked for pills, Dr. Richmond gave her the choice). Take Reb to school, drive car to car place.

walk home (glad it is a nice day) put sheets on the clothes line, eat some salad and pineapple angel food cake (recipe to come), and sit down to blog because it's what I do. SHEW I'm tired just typing it all out! ha!  Car place just called, starter is bad...gonna be over $400 to fix it! YIKES! Poor ole bessy!

This isn't exactly how I thought my day would go.  I thought I would take the kids to school, do the dishes and some laundry, prep for dinner (croutons and eggs). Clean the bathroom and pick up a few things around the house. Pick the kids up early from school to go to the doctor. Go to my inlaws after the dr appt b/c we drive to New Castle to the dr. Visit, stop at Aldi for the things I picked up already. Head home for supper. I am however thankful in spite of what happened today.

We made it to New Castle and back home safely. Praise the Lord! I am able to walk the 1.5-2 miles from the dealership home (they did offer a ride, but it is such a nice day, and exercise never hurts), I have a clothes line to save some electricity. Plus sheets just smell so good off the line! I have the $$ to fix the car. Praise the Lord! I don't have to do any grocery shopping this week (the Aldi trip was $$ I had already set aside) The only thing we might need is eggs and I got coupons from Kroger in the mail today, free dozen eggs was the first coupon! Praise the Lord! 

Today is a great reminder that I am not in control! Also a great reminder that I don't have to be. I am filled with JOY for the things I have been blessed with. My motivation to exercise has been low. I walked almost 2 mile already, and will get another mile in just from walking to get the kids (1/2 mile each way). I have a meeting this evening that is probably a mile or so away (in one direction), more exercise!  I know tomorrow I will at least get a mile in taking the kids to school, and almost 2 more if the car is ready.  Motivation isn't even a factor, because this will be out of necessity, but if it could spur on the exercise until it is too cold to walk the kids to school, that would be great!

I have some pictures to share, but the camera batteries are dead. Charging them now. I also have some fun $$ saving tips...particularly if you have children that have no sense of how much shampoo/bodywash to use, but that is a post for tomorrow!

Have a blessed day!

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