Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekly Shopping

So I am about to let you in on my shopping trips. Did I stay within my budget?

First I went to Wal-mart for some supplies and the kids needed new tennis shoes. I spent $3.66 on apples. (only 4 apples...ridiculous!)

Then the next day I went to Save-a-lot
I got
5 lb of apples for 2.50
bananas $0.87
2 lb carrots $1.96
Box of cereal (not shown) $2.19
2 bags of coffee $8.98 ($4.49 each)
10 lb potatoes $2.88
1 slicing tomato $0.95
5 romas for salad $1.14
and 2 hug drinks (splurge for the kids) $1.00

Total $22.51

Next I went to MainStreet Market (used to be Marsh)

I got
4 Fleischmans Unsalted margarines $1.28 each (on sale)
Grape tomatoes $2.50
baby cucumbers $2.50
red leaf lettuce $1.49

Total 11.61

This morning I went to Kroger

Florida Natural OJ  $2.29 (thanks to sale and coupon)
Almond Breeze milk $1.94
Night time pants $7.99
Bag Salad $2.10
Spinach $2.49
Mom's Best Cereal 2/ $3.00)
4 loaves Kroger bread $3.92
Grapes $2.58
Buns $1.60 for 2 packages
Eggs $0.00 after coupon
Vitamins Ry $4.99 for 2 (buy one get one free + coupon)
Vitamins Reb $5.49
1 yogurt $0.40
(tax 1.54)

Total $40.33

Weekly total $78.11  (almost $42 under budget!)

I purchased no meat, or toiletries this week, but we didn't need anything, and no sales warranted stocking up. I already have the menu planned for next week. It will post Monday. I love having a shopping/menu plan.

Have a blessed day

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