Monday, January 23, 2012

A mini celebration

Today is the Chinese New Year, and tho we are obviously not Chinese, we are going to have a  mini celebration at supper time anyway.  A couple of weeks ago, Ryan had been looking at his calendar and saw the Chinese New Year. During his bedtime prayers, he prayed for the Chinese people and for them to have a good New Year. There were parental giggles and snickers because it was so unexpected, and yet so sweet and unselfish at the same time. Ryan has also been focused on the fact that this is the year of the dragon. I don't know where he finds all of this information, but because he has thought of it we are going to kind of celebrate too.

I won't be making the traditional foods, which thanks to the internet are easy to find, and the reasoning behind it. But I am going to make fried rice, and egg rolls, and maybe give a hand at Tso's chicken. We could order take out, but I have always wanted to find a good fried rice recipe. If it turns out well, you can bet there will be recipes posted! 

Ryan will be so surprised, and it will make supper time a little different and a little fun. Look for pictures of our celebration tomorrow!

Have a blessed day!

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