Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Valentine decor

So my front porch wreath was still full of poinsettias, while my front door was covered in hearts for V-day. I bought for half price a glittery heart. I had an empty grape vine wreath out in our garage. I wired the heart in the center and hung it up. It is minimalistic, but it is just for 14 more days.

I think it needs greenery and a ribbon, but for now it will do.

Rebecca has been struggling with times test. she passed her 4's today. She was so excited. She struggles with negative self talk. We are in those almost tween years and so we are working on self esteem and positive self talk. Believing in ourselves and saying I can instead of I can't.  This is so hard for me as I have never been a negative person, but she saw the benefit of positive talk today! Because when she left for school this morning she had been crying with a "I will never do this attitude" In a little bit of tough love I told her "You are right, you never will unless you believe you can. I know you can do it, but until you believe you can you won't."
After she got in the car, she said "I am proud of myself" And tho pride is not a good thing, feeling good about what she did was great! We talked about the test for next week and preparing to practice and she said, "I can do that no problem"  Hoping this positive self confidence stays!

Have a blessed day!

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