Friday, January 6, 2012

When things don't go as planned

So I had some very specific plans for the last day or so, but yesterday this cute little girl had a lower gi bug that kept her home from school, which meant I didn't accomplish all I had planned. This mama didn't sleep much last night either because just before bed, the above mentioned little girl decided her belly hurt again. We camped out in the basement, which was all good till it was no longer a lower gi bug, but an upper gi bug. EEWWW!  Nothing like cleaning carpet and doing laundry in the middle of the night.  She is feeling much better this morning, and so far has had a popsicle and jello. Here's hoping this is a one day one person bug.

I am uncertain how to prepare for the weekend. I should probably make some more jello just in case, but I should also have something else in place. I think I will make up some mashed potatoes to freeze, I have some potatoes that need to be used up anyway.  Aside from that I'll need to plan for next week, and since I didn't get my inventorying done I have to do that today in order to make up an accurate menu plan.

Hope you have a healthy and blessed weekend

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