Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year

So I haven't really gotten back into the swing of things post holiday, but I have spent the week regrouping a bit. I am going to be working on my menu plan for next week, and sorting out the pantry and freezer (we've done a lot of drop and go recently).

Christmas was WONDERFUL! It was unrushed, which I LOVE!

I believe her words were I knew Santa would bring me Julie

Rebecca was up REALLY early to open presents. I made her go back to bed!

ry got earmuffs and a harmonica

Isn't she adorable in her hat!
The kids got me 2 pair of pajama pants, a sweatshirt, candle melts, a cookbook, and hot chocolate. I loved it all!!!

We also had lovely Christmases with our parents. Rebecca hit the Barbie jackpot. Ryan got legos and wii/ds games. His fave.

Funniest thing, Ryan got cologne (this transpired because he had been spraying himself with his sister's love's babysoft which is another story all on its own) and he thinks he is BIG stuff. Everyday he gets it and sprays one spray on his belly. The whole house smells like him. He told me "I wanna  smell like a man!" Trust me he does. He is so cute!

He was also excited about the $$ he received. He had $72 between Christmas and money he had saved up. He bought a sound bomb (which is a speaker shaped like a bomb from Mario), and a Wii game, Kriby's dream land I think. He only has $10 left. Wii games are pricey!

Rebecca is home sick today, woke up with a belly ache. She bought a Barbie movie with her money which she watched today, and some fake finger nails (such a girly girl!)

I hope you had an amazing holiday. Looking forward to the new year, altho I believe each moment is a chance to start fresh. I have laid out some goals for myself, and though I have tried before to do the one little word started by Ali Edwards I have never been able too, but this year a word found me.

My word this year is KIND

I want to be kind to others, kind to my body, kind to the earth, use kind words when I speak, Kind actions every day, teach my children to be kind, etc.

I plan on making  magnetic letters to put KIND on my fridge as a visual reminder, and I may even make something to go on our entertainment center as well.

As far as goals:

I will grow in my LORD through regular Bible reading and study
I will teach my children about the love of our Savior
I will make goal at weight watchers (first I have to set that goal, but that will be coming soon)
I will spend less, and waste less
I will plan more
I will purge the unnecessary from my home
I will have a clean kitchen before I go to bed

Notice I didn't say I want to, I said I will. I will also make this list visible so I can see it!

I don't make resolutions, I set goals. I will be kind to myself if I make a mistake or miss reaching my goal in whatever way I may. See my goals and my one little word are very entwined.

Have a blessed day and rest of the week.

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