Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I made cake

I still can't find my camera cord. =( I know it is around here somewhere.

I made a trial run cake for my nephew's wedding coming up next week. I haven't made cake is so long I figured a practice run would be a good idea (actually it will make my sister feel better so that is why I did it...You're welcome) hee hee! Actually I just made one layer of the top of the cake and then  made cupcakes from the rest of the batter. I do make good cake. It is nice to know I haven't lost that ability in the time since I made cake. I wrapped the ribbon around it and now I am gonna wait and see what happens. Mostly just making sure the ribbon doesn't turn some funky color, but it didn't look like it was going too.

Helped with  the kids valentine parties yesterday. I am going to start helping in Rebecca's classroom one day a week too. This will give me a chance to see her in her school environment as well as help out her teacher. I think next year I'm going to be more assertive about helping out in the classroom. I think it is so funny how all the kids in both of my kids classes know who I am.

Ryan's teacher has the reading teacher in her room all the time, so his class gets reading help everyday which not all classes get. His reading teacher was bragging on him to me. He is such a charmer. =)

Hope you have had a blessed day.  It is time for me to tuck some children into bed.

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Autumn said...

Find your cord! Hurry. I want to see the cake!!:)