Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Menu for this week

So obviously it is not Monday, but Jon and the kids were out of school yesterday, so we went out. Rebecca wanted to go to Indy because we hadn't been there in awhile. So we went to the 82/86th street area. We also ate out because of that. We had a lovely day. I have a cold though BOO!

So today I am taking it easy, and resting. I have to be in tip top shape as I have cake to make this week. (I started feeling pretty lousy about here in this post and just went and laid down)

It is now Wednesday.  I feel much better thankfully, and I will finish out this post.

Tuesday we had turkey leftovers with whatever the kids could get themselves because I felt horrible

Wednesday We had homemade pizza. We each had our own so we chose the toppings, there was a mixture...bacon, sausage, pepperoni, ground chuck, bell peppers, onions, olives, cheese, fake cheese. bbq sauce(if you are Jon) It was good.  I purchased the crusts because the crusts I was making needed 2 hours total to rise which I didn't realize until it was supper time and I still had an hour to go on the crusts. Yay for being close to the grocery store.

Thursday: I'm gonna throw something in the crock pot. Not sure what tho. I was gonna make chicken pot pie, but that will require my oven which will be busy baking

Friday: what ever we grab, the kids will be going to my mom and dads and hopefully I will be headed home after a day of icing cupcakes and cake.

I did some prep stuff today. I baked chicken breasts to use in salads for the rest of this week and this weekend at work.  I had already started the homemade whole wheat pizza crust so those are baking right now.

I cleaned all the veggies I purchased this week at the store. We are much more likely to eat them if they are grab and go.

My camera cord is still MIA, I have no idea what has happened to it.

I drank a lot of tea today. I had peppermint tea 3 times, and then a cup of green tea. I really like tea, particularly with truvia in it.

My husband said that Warm Glow is expanding and they want to have a farmers market all the time, with ORGANIC produce. I nearly jumped up and down, except that it was yesterday when I found lousy so jumping wasn't gonna happen. I hope that truly happens. That is close enough for me to frequent. He knew it would make me happy, I 'm sure that is why he told me.  

Today is Ash Wednesday, and until the last couple of years I didn't have any idea what that meant. or what Lent was since we as Nazarenes never observed it.  Last year I decided I wanted to observe Lent, but lent had already started before I realized it. So this year I was almost prepared. Honestly, I almost missed the start again. I thought of giving up white sugar, and flour for Lent, but that would just make me grouchy, or boastful, neither of which I want, and my family particularly doesn't want the grouchy. ha!  The point of lent I think anyway is to prepare your heart for Easter, by making a sacrifice to remind us of Christ's sacrifice, by thinking of others (giving up a luxury in honor of those less fortunate), making a change in your life for the better, and fasting in order to spend the time you would be eating in prayer. I have chosen something to give up and something to add to my life to draw me closer to my Lord, and maybe at the end of Lent I will share those with you. I don't want this to be a "look at me and what I am doing" thing. I don't intend to mention it again here until maybe after Easter, if at all.   I do however, think spending time remembering what Christ did for you and me is absolutely worth mentioning.

Here's hoping I find that camera cord soon.

Have a blessed day

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