Monday, February 6, 2012

Menu Plan

So I had a plan, then realized I forgot about some of our evening activities this week and had to revamp my plan a bit, then got inspired to focus back on eating clean so the plan has changed a bit, and is a bit unfinished due to looking for healthy clean recipes.

Monday:  Pull turkey from freezer to thaw for later in the week.
               Bread Pizzas

Tuesday:  Mexican (tacos or burritos)

Wednesday: Turkey if thawed, with potatoes and carrots

Thursday: Stew of some kind (this may be Wednesday depending on Turkey)

Friday: No plan here because the kids will be going to Mamaw and papaws, so probably leftovers.

I will freeze some of the leftover turkey to use in turkey and noodles, or hot turkey sandwiches.  I will probably take turkey as my protein over the weekend to work.  then we will probably also have bbq turkey.

There will be salad every night to go with our dinner and some kind of fruit for dessert. Kids will probably get ice cream too.

Have a blessed day!

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