Wednesday, March 14, 2012

mid week already

Sometimes it surprises me when the mid week hits and I wonder how it got here so fast.  It looks and feels like spring. I love the newness of springtime. I used to say that a certain season was my favorite, but really I love all the seasons, each for its own reason.

Yesterday, Ryan had to move his clothespin to red, so our after school plans got dashed. He did get to play outside at home, ride his bike out front and all, but he missed out on playing with his friends at the park, and the neighbor kids across the street. Also, on red means, no TV, DS, or Wii. Which for him is pretty tragic. Altho, watching his sister play across the street was pretty tragic too.  I reminded him Wednesday was a new day, and a new opportunity to make good choices. He hasn't been on red in ages, maybe once this year.

Yesterday during the day I volunteered in Rebecca's classroom. I really enjoy it. I enjoy helping the kids, watching them figure things out, see that the silly questions my daughter asks, are a standard 3rd grader thing. Makes me realize how blessed my children are, and how very blessed I am. I sat with a boy yesterday who chronically doesn't do his homework, and just guided him gently to focus. He accomplished it all in record time, so much so, Rebecca's teacher joked with him about hiring me to go home with him to keep him on task. 

Ryan forgot his backpack and lunch this morning. I am not sure how or why, but he remembered when we pulled in to the school. So I took them to him. On my way out of the classroom, one of the little boys asked for help with a word in a book he was reading. I stopped, and ended up helping him finish the book. I would have stayed longer, but I had left the dogs out in the house, and I wasn't exactly dressed my best. I had on yoga capris, and a black tee and flip flops. I had kind of fixed my hair and washed my face, but it was a less than stellar combo. I had plans of cleaning house, and working in the yard today too. 

I have the windows open. I have my cousin on my heart with constant prayers being raised. Anxious to hear she is out of surgery and doing well.

Have a blessed day. It is time to get moving.

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