Monday, March 12, 2012

Hello Monday

So did the time change kick you in the bum like it did me?  I was almost late for work, and a bit short tempered all day yesterday. Blaming that on the loss of sleep and the early hour in which I had to rise even tho the clock said it was the right time.  My children felt it much more this morning than yesterday, and they were almost late to school, but we made it. 

It has been a bit of a busy week. Grandpa is in the hospital and unable to walk. We are still waiting on an official diagnosis. It has been an underwhelming experience at the hospital. It seems too, that once you have one poor experience they continue to mount up, so praying we get some answers, so grandma and grandpa can make plans.

My cousin is having surgery this week, on Wednesday in the morning. Would appreciate any and all prayers for a quick and full recovery. Also remember her family, husband and her two beautiful girls.

 My little guy has been doing lots of reading, altho I see in this photo he is not wearing his specs. He was reading a chapter book over the weekend, completely absorbed in it. I love it!  He bought with his own money, The wimpy kid do it yourself book, where you finish the pictures and story and comics. He read through the entire thing, and has started some of the drawing and writing. Love watching him do these things.

This one has craft ADD just like her mama. She flits between fabric crafts, paper crafts, and drawing. We had a bit of an issue this morning. She has not been wanting to wear socks with her shoes. First of all, she cut her toe and was needing a bandaide on it, which obviously would stay on better with a sock. Secondly, bare feet make for stinky shoes. Thirdly, bare feet make for stinky shoes. (ha!!) Lastly, she complains of her shoes hurting her feet when she doesn't wear socks, and bare feet make for stinky shoes! So she is wearing her favorite brown boots this morning, and I say, "do you have on socks?" because I can't see them in the boots, and her fave kind are footies. she says without hesitation, "yes"  Normally, I would leave it at that, but for some reason this morning I said, "let me see them"  She couldn't because she wasn't wearing any. She straight up lied to me, without hesitation. I said, "did you just lie to me?"  she said, "yes, I'm sorry"  I told her, "I am very disappointed"

I told her to put on socks, and tennis shoes then give me the boots.  Then made a point of showing her how lying about something small causes me to lose trust in her. I asked her about something that happened last week, and she answered. Then I said to her, "Now tell me why I would believe that is what happened when you were not honest about wearing socks? You could have easily been honest and said no, and I would have just told you to put on socks, but you lied instead, how am I to believe anything you tell me if you can't be honest about wearing socks, something small and simple?"  

She cried, put her boots in my room. I told her I loved her, and went on about the morning. 

My son had a very hard time getting moving this morning. He couldn't find one of his shoes. I reminded him, if he had put it away he would have been able to find it.

It was a rough morning. 

On an entirely different note, I ate Kashi Strawberry fields cereal for breakfast this morning. It is GOOD!
I am not one much for fruit and milk, but the berries are freeze dried, and it's not just strawberries, but raspberries too with rice and wheat flakes. I really like it!

Hope you have a blessed day! I am off to do some laundry and clean a bit.

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