Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 2 of School

The kids were difficult to get out of bed this morning.  Guess yesterday wore them out. They were in bed by 9, but they may need to go to bed earlier.  We returned the gerbil named Bella today back to Mrs. Siggers. We gerbil sat over the summer. I am perfectly happy to have it out of my house! 

I am implementing a new expectations plan for my children. They are on board which is nice. We have no arguing chores (which are just the average daily expectations-- beds made, clothes picked up, dogs fed etc.) then we have punch card chores and they can do extra things to earn a treat, and then we have the Uh Oh box. If I have to pick up their stuff they have to do a chore to get it back. They also can't do a punch card chore if there is stuff in the Uh Oh box. This is all new, and an effort for me to teach them responsibility and to help keep order in our home. This week, I am simply showing them what would go in the Uh Oh box, and they can get it and put it up. Next week, they will have to do a chore to get it back, but I want them to see what is expected of them. Ryan is very excited by the punch card. He thinks earning a treat is a fabulous idea.  They will also be getting an allowance, but the amount is still undetermined. I have til Friday to decide. ha! 

This morning I did a hair band in Rebecca's hair. She looked adorable so I took her pic.

 hair band is making a head band from her hair. Today I did a dutch braid, but any technique works. She really liked it.

Hope you have a blessed day!


Tonya said...

having trouble posting

Tonya said...

so glad she is enjoying her new stash of clothes, love the hair band idea, excited for their surprise boxes to arrive