Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Some would call this a bad day, I call it a blessing

So my car has been leaking antifreeze a little at a time for a bit, but we have been so busy I just kept checking my fluid levels and adding more as needed. Then on Friday after picked my children up from school I saw a puddle under my car that I thought was just from the rain. Then when I went to the eye doctor to pick up my glasses and we got back to the car it smelled of "maple syrup" according to my son, and there was a giant puddle under my car, and the temperature was going up, and it drove a little rough. So I called the car place and told them I needed to get it in, but would need to wait til I could add antifreeze.  So I added the antifreeze and we drove the 15 blocks to the car place. I parked my car and antifreeze ran out of the front of my car (THIS IS NEVER GOOD).

The owner of the car place took us home, and I called my parents to borrow their extra car.  They so kindly drove it all the way to my house. We had a lovely dinner and visit before they headed home.  I needed to go to the grocery, but told Jon I thought I would just wait until Monday. He said, "Let's all go, we are all home" so we did.  The storm broke loose while we were shopping, but that was okay. We pushed our grocery carts down the sidewalk, and I ran out in the rain to get the car. After we loaded up the trunk and headed for home. I tried to stop because there was a car coming across the parking long. THERE WERE NO BRAKES!!!! I found the emergency brake and we stopped. I called my dad, which didn't help much (sorry dad). Then Jon got the manual out and it said to have the brakes checked immediately. So I used the emergency brake to get the car into a parking spot while we decided what to do. (it's about 9 pm at this point)

We decide to walk to McDonalds, which since we were all soaked felt like a freezer. While here we thanked the Lord the brakes went out when they did, and that no one was hurt. If we hadn't gone it would've happened to me the next morning on my way to work, if my car had not started really leaking my mom would have probably lost brakes while she was driving somewhere and could have been in a really bad accident. Jon said he would walk home and get the truck and come back and get us, but I didn't have my phone, and we were cold so I insisted we all go.  Jon decided to walk ahead of us, and try to get home and come back to get us, but only managed to be about a block ahead of us.
He was opening the garage door just as we were walking up to our garage. I told him to take the kids inside to get warm and dry, and I would go get the groceries.

I put my key in the ignition NOTHING HAPPENED.  IT WOULDN'T START.  I ran out the garage door and yelled to Jon, "the truck won't start"  He said, "you're kidding right" NOPE. 

Thankful for a neighbor and friend who lent me her car to go get my groceries at 930 at night, particularly after I had killed a radiator, brakes, and a battery.

I decided I was getting a clear message to stay home, so I didn't go to work on Saturday, mostly because I had no way to get there.

My wonderful in-laws came down  Saturday morning, and we took the kids to there soccer games. It was wonderful to be able to be there. My father in law and my husband went and got a new battery for the truck which fixed that problem. We went out for lunch. It was a lovely day.

In the afternoon I made rice krispie treats, zucchini bread, and caramel corn. I mowed the grass, and the kids played outside til dark. It was wonderful.

As I told the girls I was working with on Sunday about why I wasn't there Saturday one of them said, "Man karma was after you" I was taken back at that perception of those events.
I said, "after me? no, God was protecting my family, from what I don't know, but I am so thankful he did."

So she saw the events as a bad day, but I know God is in control and it was a blessing. This reminded me of the song by Laura Story Blessing.

The verse says this:
Cause what if your blessings come through raindrops
What if Your healing comes through tears
What if a thousand sleepless nights are what it takes to know You're near
What if trials of this life are Your mercies in disguise

Have a blessed day! God loves you, even if the day isn't going like you thought it would.

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