Friday, January 25, 2013

Ever heard of anyone looking forward to a root canal.

Well you have now.  I am ready for it, I'm excited to have this tooth taken care of so I can eat without food getting stuck in it, without worrying it might hurt, and mostly to be pain free. My face has been crazy painful the last few days. I'm on antibiotics for a mild abcess, then next Thursday I am having a root canal. The tooth is bad enough I also have to have a crown put on, but I am ok with that too.

I went to a new dentist. They are so nice there. I would highly recommend them, if you were in the business of needing a new dentist.

I am thankful that I carry dental insurance, but still a little taken back at what I am going to have to pay. But it is only half of what I would have to pay without insurance, so I am counting my blessings.

So take care of your teeth!! 

I did learn why so many people don't have teeth.I mean seriously, a large portion of people in our community are toothless.

 One of the two options for my bad tooth (it was an old filling that fell out, and the tooth continued to decay) was pull it out, or option two which I am doing, root canal, and crown.  Knowing what I have to pay for option two with insurance, and what the total was without insurance, in our economy people just can't afford that.

The cheaper option, pull out the tooth.  Dentistry is expensive, but it is so important to take care of your teeth. I did learn that a regular cleaning at my dentist was not cost prohibitive, but so many people wait until it is too late (speaking from experience LOL).  So I have always been a bit judgemental of people that walk around without teeth, but I can understand it a bit more. Forgive me for having thought ill of those who couldn't afford proper dental care.

Hope you have a blessed day! Go to the dentist, they just want the best for your teeth!! LOL

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