Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

I can't believe it is 2013. I wonder how many times I will write 2012. The end of the year was jam packed with stuff for me, I barely finished my Christmas shopping.  I literally was wrapping presents the night before we needed them.

One of the highlights of this Christmas season was taking a trip to Chicago with my husband.  I love the windy city.

The wind farm is a sure sign we are getting close. The windmills are so stark looking though.

The bean in Millenium Park

We are the reflection right in the center!
 There was also Ice skating in the park. I did not skate, as I surely would have broken a hip or something.

Macy's animated windows are certainly something to see. 
dropping off her letter to Santa

Decorating inside of Macy. That ceiling is amazing.

The Great Tree in the Walnut room

Working on the clock (notice the trumpets on the building)

 Here is the actual Great tree in the Walnut room. We were on the 8th story looking out at it. It is about 75 feet tall, and beautiful

Here is the outside of Macy's with the trumpets

Chicago isn't complete without a Chicago Dog

hot dog, tomato, mustard, onion, celery salt, sport peppers, and a pickle. YUM

We went to this neat little German Street Fair. Lots of brats, kraut, sweets, and beer. We partook of the brats and kraut. It was FABULOUS
Carolers at the street fair

I made a trip to the Lego store for a certain special little boy

Giant lego man walking in the Windy City

Lego Friends Girl
 The City built in Legos outside the store

I also went to the American Girl store
The girls of the years. I was too busy shopping to take other pics.
So many amazing things to see and do. The river was beautiful.
I love Chicago. It is my favorite city. I walked lots of places. Saw a thief get chased by the police, got asked where Nordstroms was by some people of Germany...it only took me 3 times to figure out what they were asking, only to have me tell them I didn't know. oops.  I learned that by walking with my ear buds in my ears people left me alone, or I could at least ignore them and not seem as rude. I was only harassed by one "homeless" guy.  He was blocking the Chipotle  doors, but he was gone when I went back out. It was cold, but beautiful. There were lights of red and green in the tops of buildings, Christmas trees in random places.
This was a real tree, cut and placed here. It has so many lights on it, Just breath taking. I read some, walked a lot, and saw some nice concerts with my hubby. I had a blast.  Chicago is most certainly a place I recommend you visit. It is equally amazing in the summer.

Hope you have a blessed day and a Happy New year.

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