Thursday, January 3, 2013

I can't believe it is January

I have discovered I really enjoy crocheting. I've made dish scrubbies, dishcloths, or as some call them dishrags, and hats for American Girl dolls.


The hats take about 30 minutes. I made a teal one for my niece's doll. I made 3 dishcloths total, and gave them to my sister. They take a couple hours. I have found a few other things I want to make as well. I also found a knitting pattern I want to try, but it requires so much focus, it will have to be after I have returned my house to it's normal state. Right now, it still looks like Christmas. This is on my agenda for today though.

With all the snow we had the day after Christmas, my children have enjoyed being out in the snow. They played til frozen.

They sled down the front hill, but also dug a tunnel in the backyard, made a fort, and all kinds of other fun adventures.

The kids have been saving up their money for tablets. They both asked for money for Christmas to help purchase them. Ryan chose a Kindle Fire, and Rebecca got a Galaxy tab 2.0. I can see we are going to need some serious boundaries on these soon.

at least they are sitting quietly together. LOL

Obviously the sun hindered what she was doing on her tablet.
They have certainly enjoyed them. Yesterday at the kitchen table. I was on my laptop, My hubby was on his tablet, and both kiddos were on theirs. I am thinking we will need a technology curfew. I don't want to lose being together. We were all engrossed in what we were doing. Sometimes I don't like the information age very much.

My children have discovered something new they like.  Hot Tea. What?!?  They love it

The fruit tea sampler is their hot tea of choice. Rebecca loves the peach. Ryan has had blueberry and cherry and loved them both. They can make it on their own even. Rebecca made it for both of them, but so cute.

Going to get back to menu planning. That will be coming soon. Going to take a picture a day for 2013. I'll be posting some info on that soon as well.

Hope you have a blessed day!

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