Friday, February 15, 2013

It has been a sicky kind of week

Ryan was home from school through Wednesday. The school called Tuesday afternoon to pick up Rebecca with a temp of 101. =(  She has been running a fever off and on since.  Apparently, her teacher looked at her with bright red cheeks and asked her if she was okay. She said, "yes".  When the teacher told her that her cheeks were bright red, Rebecca said, "that's probably from sitting with a my head in my hands." ha ha. Her teacher sent her to the nurse to be checked anyway. I'm glad.

She has a pretty yucky cough right now too. Poor kiddo. (she's writing a song right now in this cute). I can tell when her temperature is going up because she goes from having fun, to very solemn. Ryan on the other hand bounced around the entire time, but maybe just a bit slower with a fever, maybe. ha ha!

Here's hoping I don't get it, but being homebound with 2 feverish children this week doesn't make my chances look very good. You know those kidlings want to snuggle when they are under the weather, and this mama can't resist snuggles, even if they are sick.

Stay Healthy, and have a blessed day!

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