Saturday, February 16, 2013

Natural Makeup

So there is such a thing. Isn't that exciting!?! I think so. I have been on my "natural" journey for a while now. I have used lots of less than stellar "natural products".
 We are so accustom to all the chemicals, solvents, silicons, etc in products that going natural can be tough. I'm still a work in progress on most of it.
 I have gone the all or nothing approach with some things, but that usually leads to failure on my part.
 Over a year agoI went on a hunt for more natural makeup, and ended up giving up due to lack of being able to find products that had been reviewed at all.
I have found some products that have good ingredients, and some with mostly good ingredients. I found a couple places where the products are reviewed as well, which also helps know how products work before spending money on them.

(as a side note, my mom called while I was typing this and she commented on my new body/hair products from a couple posts ago and how fickle I am...thanks mom ha ha! Oh and my response was I'm trying to find products with good ingredients that don't make me look/smell like a dirty hippie ha!)

So onto the products I am trying.
I have been using Physicians formula organics mascara for a long time, but it has some ingredients I don't love. So I am trying out this one by The all natural face

no mascara

With mascara (Ryan thought this picture was a bit creepy Ha Ha!!)

It provides a nice natural but defined look to the lashes. It is buildable too if you let it dry between coats. Mascara is that one product that makes me feel like I look alive if I put it on, even if I have on no other make up.

I have been using a foundation from Cow Girl Dirt. I got samples to try after seeing a review of them. Samples are a great way to test out products. I like the foundation, but it is a little bit thick, and has an ingredient I'm working to remove from the products I'm using. I tried their concealer, but it didn't really conceal at all.

The all natural face has liquid, mineral, and cream foundations. You can get a sample pack of the mineral foundations in light medium or medium dark for $5.75 with a brush, or $4.60 without the brush. I bought the light medium and I got 25 shades of foundation. I found my shade then ordered it in the cream formula.  I got a 10 gm pot for $6.50. That is less than drugstore price for a foundation. Plus I have all the shade samples still so as summer comes, and I get a bit of color, I can easily find the right shade for then as well.

I am working toward finding better products so that when my girl is ready for make up I have a good selection of places to find products that are safe for her skin.

Have a blessed day!

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