Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy First day of Spring

Yay it's spring. Boo it is freezing!! ha ha. Although I don't mind the cold temps as much when the sun is shining, and shining it is. Nice and bright!!

So someday (probably known as never) I'll post regularly. Just thought I'd let you know what has been going on here.

Last Friday I was sick as a dog! (who came up with that saying) So sick I had my children walk home from school ALONE!! WHAT?!?! They thought it was fabulous. We live close, but I'm a bit overprotective. However I was so sick I had no choice.  They survived.

When they got home, Rebecca made me the sweetest card.

We found some stuff called Wow butter. Non peanut tastes just like peanut butter spread. Kid LOVE it. I mean LOVE!!!  So I made them wow butter toast with brown sugar bunnies, and tulips for spring.  They thought they were cool.

For St. Paddy's day I attempted some green eye shadow. Mostly because it is the only color I have, in 3 shades. Yes, that is right I only have 3 shadows and they are all green. (you can see them in my all natural face box post a few posts back)  I wouldn't have any if I hadn't ordered the all natural face box.  All my old shadows had horrible ingredients.

I'm going to be making soap soon. Hot processed soap.  I'm excited.  You use a crock pot. I bought an old crock pot insert (the crock part) at goodwill, and will just use my current crockpot outside to make it.  Hot processing lets you use the soap right away, instead of waiting a couple weeks. You still pour it into a mold to let it set up and should let it dry for a week or so, but you can use your first bar as soon as it is set up.

Oh something I thought was fabulous was I bought water in a box. Most people thought I was weird, but I liked it. Not that people thought I was weird, but the water in a box.


Spring soccer season is here, so the kiddos are going to start having practices, and games start in April.

That's about it. On Monday I'll have a post on natural skincare/make up products I would or have repurchased. It's a collab with several natural/beauty bloggers. I so don't fit in that category, but I do blog and I will repurchase items. LOL

Have a blessed day!

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