Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Friday

I have a ton of things to do today. Home stuff, laundry and cleaning stuff. DISHES. I think my dishes are like rabbits, they multiply rapidly.  I really need to clean out the fridge too. Anyone wanna come help? =)

Had Girls Night Out with my mom and sister last night. Had a BLAST!!

Tonya made a clock out of an embroidery hoop, denim (thanks Steve for giving up a pair of jeans), and adorable buttons. I love it!!!

 Mom made a cover for a tissue box. Beautiful!!

She made a note pad too.

So cute (even the cereal box back...Jon laughed at that too when I showed him).

I made dish scrubbies and bath puffs.

When I got home, my kiddos were super happy to see me. They have mama withdraw anytime I'm gone. So  we took a couple pictures. 

Ryan refuses to just smile (he gets this from his daddy)

Well, that laundry, dishes, etc won't take care of itself. Have a blessed day!

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