Thursday, August 15, 2013

When you know without a doubt God is in it!

Let's be honest here, in the day to day, and minute to minute we all get distracted. We know God knows everything we do, but we don't think about it always. For some reason today, and maybe just because I needed to reminder that God is ever present, something triggered me to think of times in my life when there was no doubt God was in it.  I can think of several things, but one thing sticks out in my mind, and it may be because I have been sitting at the piano a lot more recently. In fact, the other evening I played through almost half of the hymnal (not well, mind you).

When Jon and I were attending a small church (which is now closed) Jon took on leading the music. They had one lady who played the piano, and when they heard (my dearest husband) say I played the piano they were like vultures on a dead deer. I have never been comfortable playing in front of people. I don't know why, but I'm not. They begged, I refused. Well, the pianist said her love was really the organ, and she wished the church had one.  I said out loud for others to hear  "if God provides an organ I will play the piano."

Let's stop here a second (because you probably know where this is going) and get some details.

I didn't think there was anyway the church was getting an organ.
The church didn't have enough money to buy an organ.
It was a small congregation, and no one had an organ laying around.
I thought I was safe.
No one coughed up the money for the organ for the many years they hadn't had one.

So God wanted to get my attention and make me realize he heard what I said. Some would say God has no sense of humor, but let's be real, he laughed at me I'm pretty sure, and probably said "Watch this"

So Jon was at work, and his assistant says to him, "Hey do you know anyone that needs an organ?" (really who just randomly asks this kind of question)  "So and so is getting a new one and they have one they just want to get rid of,  don't know how well it works, but if you know someone that wants one it's ......

wait for it........


what is that again, a free organ, with in a week of me saying I would play the piano if God provided an organ.  You tell me God didn't make that happen, and that he didn't laugh when my jaw hit the ground.

There was still hope...we didn't know if it worked.  (if I am not mistaken it had been outside on a porch for a bit).  

So we get it picked up and delivered. Unloaded into the church, and plug it in........(I am clearly holding my breath and chanting...don't work, don't work, don't work, I mean I really don't like playing in front of people) actually I don't think I was doing that, but I may have been, but it certainly spices up the story right?!? ha ha!!

That organ worked like it had been played yesterday. Some small glitches easily worked out by the touch of someone who understands the organ.

So we sat it up next to the piano because if I was going to play I didn't want to be all alone on one side of the church.

Maxine and I sat at the piano and organ and played songs we knew, and you know what, not only did God provide an organ, but he touched me as well, and gave me the strength to play in front of others, and there were times I messed up, but with a little bit of practice I got better and better at it. I can say with out a doubt God made that possible.

 I was serious when I said I would play if God provided an organ, but I didn't believe he would, not because I didn't think he could, I just didn't think it was important enough maybe. I am certain that Maxine became a prayer warrior that night and every night for that organ. She believed God would provide, and he did. I do remember after saying that someone said, "let's all pray for an organ"

There is something to be said for obedience. There is something to be said for agreeing in prayer. God provided on many levels. I am thankful for His provision, and for the testimony that shows God provides.

So maybe you are having doubts, or maybe you don't feel like God is hearing your prayers, but I can tell you He does.  Maybe I am the one that needed that reminder.

Have a blessed day!

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