Thursday, August 22, 2013

Today is my hubby's birthday

I love that he is mine!
I love the way his nose flares when he is joking while wearing a serious face!
I love the way his whole body moves when he is laughing!
I love what a great dad he is! (he totally has made our kiddos tech junkies)
I love that he is waking every morning early to get in a little exercise!
I love that he encourages me!
I love that he calls me randomly just to chat!
I love that when the children say, 'daddy will you....' he stops what he is doing to play
I love that we have summers together
I love that we enjoy the same things!
I love how handsome he is everyday as he heads to work!
I love that he always kisses me goodbye!
I love that he always calls or texts that he is on his way home!
I love that he "hates" the dogs, but doesn't really
I love that he lets me be me!
I love the he always says, "Did you hear about...." from the news, when he knows full well I didn't
I love that he is my other half, he balances me out!
I love that he bought a purple shirt then sent me a picture to make sure I thought it was ok (I love him in purple by the way!)
I love that he is mine forever!

I love you Jon!

Happy Birthday!
He's going to hate me putting this on here! But he looks so handsome! Now if he had only smiled!! =)

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