Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Life recently

Mostly we have just been going thru the day to day things. We went to Conner Prairie on Labor Day. The kids love it there. We also went to the apple store there and got an Apple slush. YUM!!!

Ryan got a fake mustache for a quarter out of a machine at Walmart. He seriously has had a lot of fun with that thing!

I made Happy Fall banners for GNO (girls night out) and for myself. I love fall!

This cake was amazing. It was also super simple. Two ingredients. 1 yellow cake mix. 1 can diet orange soda. mix and bake. So delicious. Throw on a little fat free cool whip and you have a refreshing low calorie dessert.

September has popped out a few HOT days. I bought a super cheap pool on clearance. They didn't care that it was small.

I decided to try my hand at pouring concrete. I used a sledge hammer to bust up the broken sidewalk. Shoveled it into a bucket and loaded it into the bed of the truck. Called my brother a few times for guidance. Bought the concrete mix, and got it done!!

Picked a tomato bounty from our garden that came up on it's own.

Made a friend a Box card for her wedding. It was kind of last minute, but I love how it turned out.

I have seen some beautiful sunrises recently. God is the best artist.

I can't believe how much my kidlings are growing. They also are getting healthier. I love them.

Rebecca got some fun mail from her Aunt Tonya!! Cute out fit for her AG doll.

Rebecca called me to come see the sky. She also has been appreciating God's artistry.

Curled my girls hair. She looks so grown up!

It's just the day to day stuff that has happened this month. It is worth remembering.

Have a blessed day!

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