Sunday, October 27, 2013

Menu Planning

There are some things that I have come to realize as truth.

1. I like having a plan for our meals
2. I spend less money at the grocery when I plan for the week first
3. Everyone is happy when at 4 o'clock they say what is for supper and I have an answer other than I don't know
4. Life is just more organized with a plan

I could probably name more, but I'll stop there. I've said this before, but somethings are worth repeating. You know sometimes I need to be reminded.
I always thought menu planning was hard. It's not. In fact I can give you a complete fool proof way to menu plan.  Are you ready?

Write down what you make everyday for a month.  In one month you have a quick view menu plan with family favorites. You can also see trends, like days each week you are particularly busy etc.

Our life has been a little different since we have been getting healthy AKA losing weight.  Our menu looks different and I don't have a specific plan, but several cookbooks with pages tagged with a post it.

I was headed to the store yesterday for a few essentials, then realized I should plan for the week first, then go. I spent about $50 less than a my recent unplanned trips I have been making (and our fridge was empty because we were gone all last week camping). I also know I won't need to go to the store again until next week because I have everything I need for the entire week.  I had fallen out of the planning habit, and my wallet suffered for it. There will be no "oh I don't have that" runs to the grocery store, which always end up being a cart full of stuff.  This week my menu is on a shopping list type paper.

While in the check out, Rebecca said, "What are we having for supper?"  Oops I forgot to plan that, so we had Thursdays menu item, Scalloped potatoes and Ham. It was so good!  Ryan said we should have it again on Monday! ha! ha!  This week is all new recipes. If they are all good, I will add them to my recipe book, and regular menu.

So don't be afraid of menu planning, it isn't has hard as you may think. With the holiday season coming, having a food plan is one less thing to worry about.

Have a blessed day!

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