Friday, January 24, 2014

It's Friday?

Hope you all had a good week. Kiddos only had 3 days of school this week, and every day they had school there was a delay. This has not been a normal week.  I made a menu plan for 2 weeks, but didn't post it because for some reason when the other people in the house are home, my menu plan gets messed up. We are trying new recipes again this week. I made fajitas one night that were fantastic. Tonight is creamy potato and ham soup. I just had a sample that was tasty!  Recipes will be forthcoming I assure you.

Once this winter ends, perhaps I'll fall into a normal (whatever that is) schedule.

In other news, I decided to rearrange my craft space.  I have moved that space around so many times, and changed it so many times. I finally decided it's because the space just isn't big enough.  However, I've made some changes I really like, so I'll post photos when I'm all done. I also revamped my cricut cartridge storage. I am loving that. So until next week.

Have a blessed FOCUSed day and weekend.

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